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Thursday, December 22, 2011

When a Bunny is a Gift

Although there is no bunny in my home right now, there have been very special bunnies who have lived with me and who will live forever in my heart.
I speak of course of my beloved Mister, Lily and Stu, who wait for me with my tub of love kitty Cleopatra at the rainbow bridge.

What most people don't know is that there was another bunny many many years ago.  When I was young  my interests were more about going out with my friends and dancing than caring for a bunny.  But with that said I have always been an animal lover and anybody who has ever know me will tell you that this is true. It was with this in mind that a friend of mine gifted me with Flopsy.

Initially he was the delight of my life, but when caring for him started interfering with my fun time, when his diet requirements meant that I had to travel to special shops that were inconvenient to get to, and when I could not afford the vet bills that come with owning a bunny; the affection began to wane.

Furthermore I felt terrible, because I knew that Flopsy deserved more time and attention than I was giving him.  And I knew that he was going to eventually have to be fixed.  At that time that Vet bill would have been a serious dent in my budget.

Eventually I went back to my friend and asked them to return him to the bunny farm.  Flopsy went back to the bunny farm where I'm sure he was adopted to someone else. I am glad that I did not have to take him to a shelter which is where many animals in similar circumstances end up.

Although I claim the lifestyle and budget of a 20something girl living on her own as my excuse, still 20 plus years later I feel ashamed that I was not a good BunnyMummy to Flopsy.  In spite of my shame I truly hope that people will read this and realize that a bunny, or any pet for that matter, should never be thrust upon an owner as a gift.  It is unfair to the person and more importantly it is unfair to the animal.

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  1. I'm sure Flopsy found a new home. You're such a good mom to your furkids.

    Happy holidays :)