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Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I know it will sound a bit naive to say that Kitty is an unexpected house guest, being as I set food out and provide kitty shelters for Kitty and his kin; but there you have it....I have a unexpected house guest, who for lack of a better name I am calling Kitty.

In spite of the fact that Wednesday was one of the coldest days we have had so far, when I opened the back door to put out food for the feral cats, Dude and Remington slipped out and decided they wanted an outdoor adventure.  Remington was quickly lured back indoors with the laser light but Dude was determined to be tough and endure the cold.  I shivered with the door open, laser light attempting to lure the little bugger inside...kitty was intrigued by the light and ended up following it into the kitchen and once realizing where he was hesitantly continued to track it to the other side of the room.  Once I was closer to the door that kitty was I slammed the door shut....there was about 30 seconds of panic...then quiet time under the kitchen table. Dude was allowed to continue his outdoor adventure while Remington and Kitty played with the laser light. 

Somewhat subdued Kitty had something to eat, when Dude came back inside (as he always does) everybody got a treat of wet cat food. All the cat toys came out and Remington and Dude played and chased each other while Kitty looked on and little by little joined in. Remington and Dude were an earlier litter of kittens to the same mother that had Kitty and his sibling.  Remy and Dude were born in April and the later two about July.  They are close in age and all still love to play.  Eventually Kitty went down to the basement to spend the night behind some paint cans, Remy, Dude, Sooty and I went upstairs to bed.

When I woke up on Thursday morning Dude and Sooty were in bed with me and Remington and Kitty were sleeping on the furry mat outside the bathroom door.

Kitty has settled into indoor living quiet well.  He hides most of the time in the basement but comes up for meals and a good play romp in the evening.  His sibling came to the door this morning but I could not manage to lure it in too....Kitty either didn't notice it or did not care.

There is a Neuter clinic on Wednesday and I was hopeful that I would be able to cart Kitty off to be fixed but so far he is still skittish of being handled and I don't see any reason to push it.  He is indoors and safe from the elements and there is no chance of him expanding the population as long as he is here.  I am hopeful to get him socialized and adoptable.  When he eventually is fixed he will be able to go to a forever home instead of being released back to his colony.  He is coming around little by little.

This evening he came close enough, long enough for me to stroke him, then he casually walked away.  Even without being petted he purrs loud enough to hear him from several feet away, and rolls over to show his belly.  He eventually going to to be quite the cuddlier I am sure.

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