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Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Mayor makes a phone call

Most people who know me know that one of the most amusing chains to yank is my Mayor chain.  It takes a great deal of concentrated effort for me not to go off on a rant at any mention of our oversised, loudmouthed, moronic Mayor.  It bothers me to the core of my being that this man is actually our elected leader. 

I know a guy who thinks the sun shines out of Fords proverbial rear end, nothing I say about the guy not doing his job, making unrealistic promises, or just being a foot in the mouth idiot is ever going to change this guys opinion.  But I have to be honest and admit that nothing he says is going to change my maybe its a subject that we should avoid when we get together for social occasions. 

I met up with this guy on Tuesday.  He had some news and was pretty darn excited to tell me.  Seems there was a problem with the plumbing setup in his house and he ended up getting a water bill for over $1000.00.  He called City Hall, who verified that the water had been used and that it was not a clerical error, long story short his 3 toilets were constantly flowing. (not quite flushing) so it was not an error on his bill, but a legitimate charge that was an accident on his part.  Not happy but agreeing that it was his error my friend carried on his merry old way (at least this is the way he told the story to me....although I have my doubts).

A while later (not sure if this is days or weeks) his phone rings....he answers, Its the Mayor.  He figures its a joke (like if somebody called my house and said it was Jon BonJovi).  Finally he realized that his beloved idol is truly on the other end of the line to tell him that he heard about his issue and was sorry about it and wanted to know what he could do to make it right.  After much fawning by my friend and "awe shucksing" my the mayor a credit to my friends account it offered.

I don't have an issue with a credit being given to my friend. I got a similar credit from my phone carrier the first time I got data charges for uploading a boatload of pictures when I didn't have a data plan.  Its good decent business.  My issue is that it was the Mayor who took time from doing whatever it is that a mayor is supposed to be doing to perform a task that somebody at 311 is getting paid to do.  

From all accounts Mayor Ford was congenial and polite during the conversation....which makes me wonder if working in a call center is not a better utilization of his talents. 

Maybe if I call 311, I will actually receive a call from him and have the opportunity to let him know that I like above ground transportation. Hate scurrying around underground like a termite.  I have sent him e-mails but he does not seem to get them "everybody" that he hears from loves his ideas.

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