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Thursday, May 31, 2012

The last of the family Feral

The brother of kitty, the same Mom as Remington and Dude...the last of the family of Feral is a grey tabby,  Instead of stripes he has a spiral marking on his coat.

In the middle of January, during a cold snap, I managed to lure him inside.  Unlike all the other lured in kitties, he was not calm when he realized that he was locked inside.  For weeks he stayed in the basement coming upstairs only to eat.  But after the first night he no longer pined to get out.  He quickly came to appreciate the shelter from the cold, and the food, and as always Remington and Dude made him welcome and Sooty treated him with disdain.

Little by little he has been improving,  he loves to chase the feather on a stick toy that I call the kitty fishing pole. I sit on one end of the sofa and he chases the feather at the other end.  Remmy and Dude like to play sometimes too.  He still spent most of his time hanging out in the basement but spends more and more time socializing with the boys and acknowledging my existence.  By late February most mornings I would wake up with Sooty, Remington, Dude AND Spiral up on the bed snoozing in the crook of my knee, and there he would snuggle with me  (with a layer of blankets between us) until he realized I was awake.

In the past couple of weeks I have been petting him, body at one end of the couch kitty and hand at the other.  Good news but the process has been incredibly slow.  I have not been in a rush to get him into a neuter clinic being as he is indoors and even if he ever got out all of the outdoor kitties are fixed now.  I will wait until I can peacefully coax him into a carrier before getting him snipped.  Then the next step should be to finding him a forever home. Lets face it 4 cats if boarder line "crazy cat lady" territory.  Not a land that I want to end up retiring to.

I have been letting Remington and Dude have their outdoor adventures, they always stick pretty close to home.  But I feared that if Spy were to ever get out he would not come back inside. A few days ago I was tending to the flower beds in the front of the house and had accidentally left the patio door partly open. It was not until Remmy came up to me looking to be petted that I realized what I had done.  I tried not to panic as I went to the backyard and sure enough Spy had escaped and was enthralled with a Dandelion that had turned to fluff.

 I'm thrilled to say that this is not the end of Spy's story. After conquering the Dandelion, eating some grass. climbing the tree, he needed to answer a call of nature and skipped back inside, down to the basement and the civilized privacy of his litter box.

I begin to wonder if perhaps Spy is just not the snugly cuddly type.  He seems quited contented with his current situation, but I would never be able to find a home for him. If you ever wondered how "Crazy Cat Ladies" ever got that way, I think I am beginning to understand. It is quite likely that Spy will be joining Remmy and Dude  in making Sooty and my home his own forever home.

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  1. Sounds like he has a good home :)

    I love love love tabbies!